If you have big bushy, long eyebrows an Eyebrow Treatment helps to shape, tidy and balance your features. If you want to get rid of your mono-brow waxing or plucking hairs out with tweezers helps to enhance your appearance by flattering your facial shape and frames your eyes. Tinting defines your eyelashes and eyebrows, especially if they are light in colour or if you have a few grey ones you want to hide. The results are subtle and natural looking, but equally can transform the overall look of your face.

Shape and Tidy Eyebrow Treatment helps to frame your face, control thick bushy long eyebrows creating a more natural finish. Plucking hairs out one-by-one from the root to enhance your natural arch shape and taming that mono-brow.

An Eyebrow Wax removes the hairs from the follicle and when done regularly can last anything from 3-6 weeks depending on your regrowth rate. Sienna X wax range helps to soothe and protect your skin, reduce inflammation and regenerate the skin barrier. Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting visibly darkens your brows and lashes, conveying depth of colour, complementing your skin and hair tone. Giving definition to your face making your lashes and brows look totally natural, with semi-permanent vegetable dye. Cruelty Free, Paraben Free and don’t contain any animal products

Men's Eyebrow Treatment

Men's brow shape & tidyThe shape of your eyebrows can enhance your appearance by flattering your facial shape, balancing your features and framing your eyes up to 3 weeks. If you have thick, full eyebrows that need tidying and shaping tweezering is one of the best ways to do this.

Your eyebrows are cleansed. Brushed up to find their natural shape and length, which helps to see any hairs that stand out longer than your natural hairline. The long hairs are trimmed with small scissors.  Your brows are measured to find the start, arch and end. Then marked lightly with a white eye pencil. Using slant-edged tweezers that will grab the hair easily, your skin is held taught and the stray hairs are plucked away one by one keeping the natural shape of your brows.  Carefully tweezering above, below and between the start of the brows. The white pencil marks are cleansed over and Aloe vera is applied to take away any redness.

Eyebrow Shape & Tidy Treatment – £12

Men's Eyebrow WaxingA quick semi-permanent method of hair removal, removing hairs from the follicle which can last 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the individual’s hair re-growth rate. Due to stages in hair regrowth new hairs under the surface of the skin can start to appear in only a week. This can easily be prevented with regular waxing treatments.

Your eyebrows are cleansed. Pre-cleansing gel is applied to brow area, skin is held taught, wax is applied to treatment area and then quickly removed with hairs being trapped in cooled wax. Post Cooling Creme is applied to cool, calm, soothe and remove any residue on the skin post-waxing treatment.

Eyebrows – £12

A skin patch test is required at least 48 hrs before your eyebrow waxing treatment – this is essential to ensure that you aren’t sensitive to Sienna X Wax.

Sienna X wax range uses only the finest extracts and ingredients. Helps to soothe and protect your skin, reduce inflammation and regenerate the skin barrier. Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.

Warm Wax Peppermint Gelée formula is designed especially for extra-sensitive skin and is both rosin-free and tea tree-free. Perfect for use small treatment areas like the eyebrows and face. Hot Wax Gold Film has a special formula that applies like a warm wax yet performs like a hot wax. Infused with purifying Tea Tree Oil and purifying Echinacea. Removes hair as short as 1-2mm, comfortably. Can be applied in smaller sections for eyebrows, lip and chin.

eyebrow-tint for menEyelash Tinting careful dyes Eyelashes and brows with a safe natural semi-permanent colour to give them a natural darker appearance. Giving them depth of colour, enhancing pale or grey lashes and eyebrows. Complementing your skin and hair colour. Framing your eyes, giving definition to your face up to 6 weeks.

Your eyelashes and eyebrows are cleansed. Brushed to separate hairs and to find their natural shape. Vaseline is applied to lids close to hair line and around eyebrows. Silicone pads are applied under eyes to prevent unwanted staining of the skin. Refectocil Sensitive tint is applied to lashes and brows. Then removed with dry Q-tip and Developer Gel applied. Moist cotton pads remove the gel. The eye and brow area are then cleansed to remove any tint residue. Your lashes and brows are brushed through to separate the hairs. Lash & Brow Booster is applied with natural active substances that prolongs the growth phases in the hair roots. Thereby supports the hair to become significantly longer & thicker.

Eyelash Tint – £15
Eyebrow Tint – £11
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint – £21
Eyebrow Tint & Shape – £20
Eyelash/Eyebrow Tint and Shaping – £29

A skin patch test is required at least 48 hrs before your Tinting Treatment – this is essential to ensure that you aren’t sensitive to Refectocil.

Refectocil Sensitive is especially for clients with sensitive eyes with no burning or irritation. Dermatologically and opthalmologically tested, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free and don’t contain any animal products. It is the first eyebrow and eyelash tint that works based on plant extracts.

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Vicki trimmed my long eyebrows and took away my mono-brow without any discomfort. Making my brows look natural and not beautified! Which was what I was after.

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