Hydrotherm is a massage system which places two large warm water filled cushions on top of a regular therapy couch. (‘Hydro’: meaning water and ‘Therm’: meaning heat). A hydrotherm massage makes a good choice for anyone who can’t lie on their front, perhaps because of mobility problems or disabilities, or because of pregnancy. The hydrotherm massage treatment is carried out with you lying face up, on your back on top of two cushions that are filled with warm water heated to between 35-40 degrees. An inflatable bolster is placed under your knees to ensure that your spine is in correct alignment.

With the use of massage oils I am able to perform the massage without you having to turn over as I can easily glide my hands between you and the cushions. This means the pressure is aimed upwards rather than downwards and so works against your body weight. The water supports the body and the heat from the water enables tight muscles to begin to relax before the massage even starts. The treatment is designed to give perfect spinal alignment whilst in this position. During your hydrotherm massage, you will experience the sensation of floating whilst being supported by the warm water filled cushions.

I only use Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Vegan Friendly, 100% natural carrier and pure essential aromatherapy oils within my massage treatments.

Benefits of Hydrotherm Massage:

Hydrotherm Massage on female
  • Increases mobility and flexibility.

  • The heat penetrates through the skin to ease tension from the muscles and aids relaxation.

  • Relief from symptoms of stress and anxiety.

  • Swift recovery from muscle/ joint pain and strains.

  • Deep relaxation – which is not disrupted by turning over.

  • Improves sleep and feeling of well-being.

  • If you find laying on your tummy uncomfortable within a normal massage, with hydrotherm massage you stay supine throughout the treatment.


60 minutes – £45
90 minutes – £65

What my clients say

I have been going to see Vicki for Four years Vicki offers an amazing service. One I am really happy to recommend.

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